December 13, 2017

Celebrating the Warm-Edge Legacy at WinDoor 2017

by Erin Johnson

We’ve just wrapped up WinDoor 2017, Canada’s premier fenestration show, where Quanex was able to highlight its solutions to customers and contacts old and new. In many ways, the show was a reflection on many of the challenges that we’ve talked about throughout the year. Manufacturers are bringing online new automated technologies to help offset labor shortages, and in Canada’s case, labor cost due to a rising minimum wage.

This year’s WinDoor show also marked Fenestration Canada’s 50th anniversary, prompting celebration and recognition of industry innovators and pioneers from all corners. Coincidentally, the final day of the show—December 1—also coincided with the birthday of IG Systems, formerly Edgetech, a Quanex company, who has played an important role in that history of industry innovation.

With that in mind, I wanted to take a moment to recognize how far we’ve come over the past few decades:

A history of excellence.
On December 1, 1989, what was then called Edgetech I.G. was incorporated in New Philadelphia, Ohio, bringing a product that helped revolutionize spacer technology at large: Super Spacer®. Edgetech was founded upon a dedication to quality and exceptional customer service, something that Quanex continues to do today through all of our service lines.

The industry responded. Super Spacer proved a success, helping our customers at the time discover the benefits of warm-edge spacer technology. After substantial initial growth, Edgetech expanded into the European market, where it currently operates as Edgetech U.K., headquartered in Coventry, England, and Edgetech Europe gmbh, headquartered in Heinsberg, Germany.

Today, of course, Super Spacer is marketed to the North American and other global markets under the Quanex name. Super Spacer and all Quanex IG Spacer Systems remain headquartered in Cambridge, Ohio, where we’ve been located since 1994.
Continued innovation.
Edgetech’s core group of original innovators—many of whom are still with Quanex today, including myself—worked together to successfully establish Super Spacer for use within the most energy-efficient and sustainable insulating glass windows in the world in those early years. Today, more than 10 billion feet of Quanex warm-edge spacer has been used in homes, buildings, solar panels and refrigeration units across the globe. At Quanex, all of us are proud to carry on that spirit of innovation in everything we continue to do today.

At WinDoor, we were able to highlight our ability to deliver high-performance and durability to the Canadian market, which accounts for some of the world’s most demanding conditions. It was a great show, and a great way to successfully wrap up the 2017 tradeshow season.

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