May 17, 2018

Building In Quality at Every Stage

by Eric Thompson

For a window and door manufacturer, your reputation is only as good as your finished product.
That can be difficult to quantify, but poor-quality products have detrimental effects on how end users view your company. And that’s not to mention the immediate costs stemming from possible warranty claims, reworks, job delays, and more.

Building quality into every product that leaves your shop takes investment in every part of your process. It’s not just your insulating glass. It’s not just your profiles. It’s not just your screens. It’s everything, working together to create a product that your end users can rely on.

It’s especially true as fenestration manufacturers continue to stretch their legs into new markets and new opportunities while capitalizing on new trends. Looking to seize a new opportunity in the commercial space with a high-performing vinyl option? Want to meet evolving demands in the high-end residential space with innovative new products? It all depends on ensuring quality at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Here are a few ways you can make it happen:

Your IG lines. The fenestration industry is expecting a good year, and busy season is upon us. That means more orders and more manufacturing, with the same eye for quality.

Meeting your thermal performance targets depends in large part on your space application process, and we’ve witnessed how flexible spacer systems paired with automated equipment—whether it’s semi-automated or fully automated—can significantly boost throughput and quality consistency.
If you haven’t made such an investment yet, it’s certainly worth your consideration, especially as business picks up. And while the high-speed, fully automated lines may get a lot of the industry attention, there are a variety of options that can work for any size shop.

Your profiles. Vinyl windows have long dominated the residential space, and they continue to make headway in the commercial space. It’s not just light-commercial anymore, either—it’s full high-rise applications as architects begin to realize the potential of AW-rated systems.

And if you’re looking to take advantage of those opportunities, a commitment to quality vinyl processes is even more important than ever. Robust design, careful construction and assembly, and the use of top-quality materials are essential to advancing vinyl in the industry. Working with the right suppliers to ensure you can meet those needs is critical.

Your screens. For residential window and door manufacturing, screens can be challenging … or, more straightforwardly, a major headache. Screen defects are one of the most frequent complaints from end users. Even if all other parts of the window system are operating correctly, a busted screen can taint the overall impression.

Ensuring in-house screen quality takes devoting numerous workers and significant floor space to what is, at the end of the day, a low-value part of your overall system. There are alternative solutions to this issue, though, as strategic outsourcing of screens production with a dedicated supplier can help free up that space and labor for higher-value tasks. Plus, a supplier’s operation that is 100 percent dedicated to screens production means higher overall quality.

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