July 20, 2016

Applying New Design Trends in B2B Marketing

by Guest Blogger

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that B2B marketing communications can’t be as exciting as consumer marketing. It sounds like it makes sense, after all—B2B marketing is often about niche, technical, and yes, “unsexy” products.

But by the contrary, it’s all the reason that B2B marketers should be more creative, more forward-thinking with their materials. It extends to all of our communications, from web-based to in-person. And as B2B marketers, it’s part of our jobs to keep our eyes trained on what’s current, modern and working in today’s design sphere.

Here are a few things to watch for through the remainder of 2016 and beyond:

Breaking the Boundaries of the Booth. We’ve talked recently about how impactful it can be to bring your company’s tradeshow presence direct to your audience through a series of communications. And at the show itself, it’s certainly just as important to be equally forward thinking. That’s why we’re watching the “unbooth” – a new style of tradeshow booth that breaks the boundaries of the typical graphics-and-handouts norm.

There are all kind of approaches being taken to lure potential customers to tradeshow booths in unconventional ways, from interactive iPad displays to physical activities (think cornhole or mini golf), and B2B marketers are taking advantage.

New Web Paradigms. The way of web design is pointing in one direction: a more positive user experience. This has occurred in a number of ways as companies are streamlining their designs, doing away with skeuomorphic objects for flat and clean ones, and designing with the mobile experience top-of-mind.

Web users of all kinds, whether consumers or B2B buyers, are seeking a more simplified and easy-to-use web experience. And companies are responding by doing away with clutter, crowding and superfluous bells and whistles.

Down with Uninspired Imagery. It’s no secret that visuals are important in marketing communications, but B2B marketers should be wary of deploying visuals without purpose…especially if it means grabbing any old stock photo. The design community at large is often critical of generic, clichéd stock photos, and not without reason—not only can stock photography be just plain silly, but ineffective.

None of which is to say that stock photography is useless—but B2B marketers are thinking more critically and creatively about how they integrate visuals into their communications. Whether it’s the increased use of illustration or the creation of infographics, making your design more visual means much more than throwing any old photo into your communications.

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