February 03, 2016

5 Fenestration Advocacy Sites to Follow

by Ric Jackson

Over the last several years I have dedicated my professional life to following government initiatives, legislation and regulations at the state and federal levels. I’ve advocated for the fenestration industry at meetings, conferences and on Capitol Hill. I’ve summarized my findings for DWM in the View From Here blog and now on Quanex’s In Focus blog.
But where do I go for the best information on advocating for our industry?
I’m going to let you in on a few secrets by outlining the 5 sites and resources every fenestration professional should be following (aside from my blogs, of course):
 What you’ll find: The Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency® (or DSIRE) allows you to search for incentives and policies that support energy efficiency by entering in your zip code. It is by far the most comprehensive resource available.
What’s in it for you: Being able to find government and utility funded incentives that you can offer to your customers. It’s a great tool for marketing and to bring in additional business. Read more on my recent View from Here blog.
2. Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy’s Building Technologies Office
What you’ll find: All of the latest news on emerging technologies, building energy codes, funding/grant opportunities, and opportunities to network and advocate for the fenestration industry at the federal level.
What’s in it for you: Becoming part of a network of research and industry partners to develop innovative, cost-effective, energy-saving solutions for our homes and buildings.
3. GovTrack.us
What you’ll find: Free tracking of federal legislation for the general public, including bill status and speeches on the floor.
What’s in it for you: At any given moment, there’s legislation being considered in Congress that has the potential to impact our industry, positively or negatively. This site enables you to keep an eye on those bills and receive daily or weekly updates via email. Not sure what to track? Every January I release my ‘Bills to Watch.” Stay tuned to InFocus for more.
4. The Vinyl Institute
What you’ll find: The Vinyl Institute is one of the most active industry advocates when it comes to policy, green building certifications and regulations. Its advocacy site includes many valuable resources.
What’s in it for you:  One stop for issue briefs, legislation tracking, news and opportunities to become involved.
What you’ll find: Like The Vinyl Institute, the Window and Door Manufacturers Association is leading the charge in Washington when it comes to advocating for the fenestration industry. Its advocacy page is filled with government and regulatory information related to energy efficiency, fire safety, weather and structural performance, operational safety, product installation, labeling, material content and more.
What’s in it for you: Templates for contacting your Congress member on specific issues, email alerts, templates and advice on inviting legislators to your facilities for tours.
I hope you enjoy browsing these sites as much as I do. And don’t forget to check back to InFocus for summaries and information regarding Quanex’s advocacy efforts.
 If you have any comments or questions about this post, please email me directly at Eric.Jackson@Quanex.com.


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