Win-Dor® and Quanex Work Together to Bring Value

Enduring Relationships for Enduring Products

Back in the 1990s, Southern California-based Win-Dor® Quality Windows and Door Systems found their niche building large-format bifold doors for “California Rooms” that merge indoor and outdoor spaces. These covered patio rooms created the illusion of space in areas where lots were smaller, and houses were bigger.

That trend toward indoor-outdoor living has only grown and spread across the U.S, particularly in the South. Likewise, Win-Dor has extended its footprint over the years, offering its high-quality windows and doors to homeowners through a nationwide network of retailers.

“Now, more than ever, people want to extend their living spaces into the outdoors, and more and more builders have adopted the concept into the design of their homes,” said David May, general manager, Win- Dor. “This was really our first step into the big specialty market that has fueled our growth over the years.”

While Win-Dor became known for large-format doors, the company offers a wide range of standard-sized and customized sliding doors, swing doors and folding windows that are on trend with consumer design preferences.

An Ally in Quality and Growth

As Win-Dor was looking to grow its business, they made the decision to make the switch to Super Spacer® in 1998—and they never looked back.

According to May, switching to Super Spacer was the easy way to make better insulating glass (IG). They were using aluminum spacers prior and always counted on a certain number of failures. But all that changed.

“Prior to working with Quanex, we knew we needed to differentiate our products in terms of quality, efficiency and lead times,” May said. “We wanted to bring more value to our market, and that’s what led us to explore Super Spacer.” - David May, General Manager, Win-Dor

“The failure rate went from what we considered acceptable down to practically zero,” he said. “We were also able to improve energy efficiency and provide better lead times, creating an excellent experience overall for our customers.”

And as the years passed, the Win-Dor and Quanex relationship only grew stronger as the company added automated Erdman Super Spacer lines that would further improve quality and production efficiency.

May considers it their biggest success story when it comes to automation. “The process was smooth, worked well and enabled us to solve any problems in-house. It gave us much more control over production. We know with certainty the number of IG units we can produce in a shift and what we can get off the line. The consistent volume has been a game changer for our business.”

Almost a Quarter Century of Success

After 24-plus years of working with Quanex, May takes comfort in knowing he has people he can reach out to for help—but he doesn’t need it very often. Because of the quality of Super Spacer and decades of collaboration, when the Quanex technical services team visits, they don’t find much in their audits.

“Working with the Quanex technical services team has been a positive experience,” May said. “Even when they do find things, it’s usually small, and they make good recommendations on how to resolve any issues. We might not need to call very often, but when we do, the Quanex team is always readily available.”

Enduring products start with enduring relationships—and that’s how Win-Dor and Quanex have grown together over the years.

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