Nike NYC Flagship Store Case Study

The Nike flagship store is an unconventional retail space that covers more than 68,000 square feet on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 52nd Street in New York City. The six-story building, called House of Innovation 000, opened its doors in 2018 to bring customers an immersive brand experience.

Nike NYC

The various floors of the building offer spaces and experiences that are responsive and personal to shoppers. One floor is stocked with the community’s favorite shoes and apparel based on local data. Another allows customers to customize purchases before leaving the store. There’s even an entire floor that can shift into new layouts and configurations based on the available selection.

The futuristic brick-and-mortar needed a storefront that matched its innovative interior and bold brand personality. A glass curtain wall façade offers a 3D texture in daylight for citygoers and dazzles at night with the colorful inside of the store illuminating the building.

Nike NYC

The dynamic custom slumped glass façade was created in Barcelona, then shipped to Germany for assembly and features Quanex’s Super Spacer® TriSeal™ . The flexible, warm-edge spacer blends perfectly with the design’s unique size, shape and form, offering a seamless aesthetic. With its superior Psi-value, the spacer enhances environmental comfort for those within the store, preserves up to 70% energy and resists condensation. Super Spacer offers both strength and durability for commercial applications where failure is not an option.

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