Glass Enterprises Applies Personalized Service and Technical Savvy to Deliver for Clients

Based in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, Glass Enterprises Inc. delivers high-quality, innovative glass options for its customers ranging from IG and security glazing to railings and doors. The company takes pride in its offerings to help architects and glazing contractors make their visions a reality.

But it’s not just exceptional products that Glass Enterprises has to offer. It views itself as distinctive in today’s business climate because it offers all the products of bigger companies with a personalized customer experience that comes from its foundation as an independent, family-owned business.

“One transaction does not win the day,” said Joshua Burg, CEO of Glass Enterprises. “That’s why we are not order takers, we are collaborators. We ask questions, we understand what our customers are trying to accomplish from aesthetics to performance, and we bring them the right solution.” The company is also unique in its relationships with architects and its deep understanding of the market.


“Glass has become so much more specialized, and performance requirements have become even greater,” Burg said. “More than anything, our customers need a technically savvy partner that is involved with the success of the project even before it goes out to bid. Our relationships are what enable us to be there throughout every stage of the project—from design through close-out.”

Investing in People, Process and Performance

Part of delivering on its promise to provide “unrivaled customer experiences” is making investments in the right places. For Glass Enterprises, its people are the No. 1 priority, ensuring every individual is not only committed to the success of customers, but also to having a passion and excitement for the work they are doing.

Glass Enterprises has made significant investments in automation and technologies that will provide consistency, thermal efficiencies, and replicable quality every time—a quality that Burg cites as a major concern for architects. “A few years ago, we decided to add a second fully automated LiSEC line and used it as an opportunity to investigate spacer options,” Burg said. “We did a full analysis, weighing the risks and rewards and decided that Super Spacer® T-Spacer™ was the right way to go. It offered us flexibility, performance and no fluctuation on the edge, providing clean sight lines every time.”


Burg also noted that samples using Super Spacer T-Spacer look exactly like the finished product, giving customers a clear idea of what to expect. And after a little over a year using the warm-edge product designed for automated lines, he is more than pleased with the results.

“With Super Spacer T-Spacer, we get no rejects, no seal failures and nothing but a consistently high-quality product,” he said. “Within a year we were able to convert 80%–85% of our IG to T-Spacer, and our customers have been extremely receptive to the change.”

Communication Is Key to Successful Relationships

Just as Glass Enterprises has a collaborative relationship with its customers, the company values the same from its suppliers. When asked about his experiences working with Quanex, Joshua noted that the two companies have developed a cooperative relationship built on open communication.

“Quanex is one of the few suppliers that maintains open communication—no matter what,” he said. “Even though it is a big company, you always feel valued as a customer. Quanex truly excels at communication, and we work together through the good and the bad. That’s the most important thing these days.”

Burg also values the marketing support from Quanex as they have worked together to develop materials and educate customers on the value Super Spacer T-Spacer provides not only to product efficiency, but also to the quality and performance of the end product.

“Any supplier is only as good as the people that represent them,” Burg concluded. “We’ve developed great relationships and share a common value to bring people together and to work with passion to always do what’s right.”

Glass Enterprises has two locations and more than 100 employees serving the Eastern U.S. from Boston to eastern Pennsylvania, and south through Virginia. For more information, visit