Avanti Windows & Doors Seizes Success

The Arizona-based window and door manufacturer has achieved astounding growth in recent years through its unique business model, customer dedication, and building quality products with help from Quanex.

How does a window and door company achieve tremendous growth in a challenging business climate? Ask Arizona’s Avanti Windows & Doors, and they’ll tell you it’s a dedication to a unique business model and always delivering quality to its customers.

“We specialize in window and door products and installation for the nation’s leading big builders,” says Dustin Petty, president, Avanti Windows & Doors. “Our customers are looking for trade partners to help them build better homes in less time—and that’s what we help them do. We only sell what we manufacture—high-quality window and door systems. And for everything we sell, we provide installation services, following a strict quality control process to ensure long-term performance for our customers and homeowners.”

Avanti began manufacturing window and door systems in 2014. From the beginning, Avanti worked with Quanex to source warm-edge spacer systems to deliver highperforming insulating glass (IG) that Petty knows his customers are seeking. Built with either Duralite® or Super Spacer® systems depending on the product line, Avanti has consistently delivered quality window and door systems across an explosive growth trajectory.

Growing with the Market

Part of Avanti’s mission is to help homebuilders complete new homes quickly and profitably to keep up with consumer demand. “Our focus, day in and day out, is to build quality homes and do it in less time,” said Petty. “The challenge is scaling our business to support the rapid growth of our customers.”

And throughout the Southwest where Avanti does most of its business, demand is particularly high for large-format windows and sliding doors. In the warm climate, many homeowners want to welcome in the weather as much as their homes will allow them to do so.

“Large-format patio door configurations, where we use Super Spacer to fabricate the insulating glass, have become our bread and butter,” Petty adds. “And that’s some of the most complex IG to make. It’s big, heavy and hard to handle. It has to be perfect when it’s being installed in someone’s new home.”

For these reasons, Avanti has invested in high-speed automated equipment to reliably fabricate large-format and other IG with Super Spacer and Duralite technologies. “We have a dedicated line that produces patio door IG all day long. It has run almost continuously every day for the past six years, and it’s a huge part of how we’ve been able to deliver on higher demand and grow our business.”

To further support this area of the business, Avanti also works with Quanex to source screen door solutions for a variety of its patio door systems. Petty notes that the high-quality screen doors, which they purchase in a variety of configurations, have helped Avanti further differentiate itself from the competition.

Continuous Collaboration

Like any window and door manufacturer, Avanti is keenly aware of how difficult sourcing and supply of raw materials have been throughout the past couple years.

“You can’t build windows without glass and spacer,” Petty says. “And continuity of supply has been a challenge for everyone in the industry. We’ve worked closely with Tony Thiret [Quanex territory sales manager] to make sure we have what we need. He’s done a great job truly being our advocate—he works hard to understand the growth trajectory that we’re on and what we need to continue our success. Quanex has provided a tremendous level of service and transparency. Relationships like this one are critical for this moment in the industry and where we’re headed.”

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