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Edgetherm® 3100 Single-Part Butyl Sealant

Quanex’s Edgetherm® 3100 is a single-part, butyl rubber sealant that sets quickly from its molten state, allowing insulating glass (IG) units to be moved from their assembly locations between two and five minutes after application and glazed the same day.

A combination of high output and fast heat-loss properties reduces the risk of corner defects for a complete seal around the unit. This IG sealant can help you build greater efficiency into your manufacturing process while helping to ensure quality and consistency in every unit.

Technical data

  • Blend of butyl rubber with other synthetic polymers and resins, which contain no volatile materials
  • Available in black
  • Can be used as a secondary seal in conjunction with a PIB primary sealant
  • Convenient pack size for easy storage


  • Quick setting from molten state
  • Compatible with all types of manual dispensing equipment
  • Clean application with no waste (no cleaning or purging of dispensing equipment required)

Safety Data Sheet

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