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Edgetherm® 3000 Hot-Melt Butyl Sealant

Edgetherm® 3000 hot-melt butyl insulating glass sealant is a one-component 100% solids system that requires no mixing. It offers minimal waste and is fast setting for quick handling of finished insulating glass (IG) units; it also offers outstanding adhesion to glass, vinyl, aluminum and other substrates typically used in IG fabrication. Look no further for a hot-melt sealant for your production needs.

Technical data

  • Hot-melt butyl, 100% solids insulating glass sealant system
  • 55-gallon drum or five-gallon pail standard packaging
  • ASTM 2190 (United States)
  • CAN2-12.8-M76 (Canada)


  • No mixing
  • Minimal waste
  • Fast setting for immediate handling of insulating glass units
  • Outstanding chemical adhesion to glass, vinyl, aluminum and other substrates

Safety Data Sheet

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