Top Hung Roller Upgrade

Quanex Building Products can help you differentiate with our extensive selection of window and door screens for vinyl and aluminum systems in new construction and renovation projects. We offer a variety of sizes, aesthetics, meshes and performance capabilities, all manufactured from the highest-quality components that meet the tightest tolerances and are built to last.


Top Hung High Performance Patio Screen Door
  • Durable extruded door in five different configurations
  • Unique head track and roller bar design for smooth, quiet operation
  • Virtually eliminates threat of dirt in track that can cause frustrating jams or complete derailment
  • Unlike other systems, the door can be removed without detaching the head track
Complete your Patio Door with a Perfectly Integrated Screen Door
  • High Performance Screen Door rests 80% of the weight along the top roller bar design
  • Adjustable height to fit perfectly into your door opening
  • Numerous color and mesh screen options