SuperCapSR™ Exterior Color Technology

Born from military infrared reflective technology, Quanex Building Products’ SuperCapSR™ Exterior Color Technology absorbs less heat to help prevent heat-related profile distortion. It is a patented, co-extruded colorant system, creating a molecularly fused color layer that becomes an integral part of the profile.

Unlike painted vinyl, the tough acrylic color layer is 12 times more scratch-resistant and durable to withstand delivery and installation handling. SuperCapSR is field weather-tested in Florida, Arizona and Kentucky, and meets AAMA 614 color-hold standards and AAMA 615 durability standards.

SuperCapSR is available on a number of Quanex window and door systems. Contact us to learn more about incorporating SuperCapSR into your fenestration system.

SuperCapSR™ Exterior Color Technology features:
  • Co-extruded, thermally fused acrylic color layers
  • Meets AAMA 615 durability standards, testing to 12 times harder than competitive paint coatings
  • Breakthrough performance, reflecting 76% of infrared light
  • Available colors to match popular clad-wood, providing added flexibility when developing window packages for upscale homes:
    • Architectural Bronze, Black, Silver
SuperCapSR™ Exterior Color Technology delivers these benefits and more:
  • Superior surface durability
  • Long-lasting colors, 450% thicker than typical paint layers
  • Will not crack, chip, flake or chalk
  • Highly scratch-resistant, handles jobsite abuse better than paint, saving time and cost
SuperCapSR™ Exterior Color Technology delivers the highest performance:
  • Meets ASTM D3363 standards for surface hardness in pencil hardness units
  • SuperCapSR is 12 times harder than competitive paint coatings
  • Most automotive color coatings range from 4H to 6H
  • Most paint color coatings range from 2B to H
  • CoatingHardness
    Competitive Coatings2B
    *Scale: 3b-2b-b-hb-f-h-2h-3h-4h-5h-6h-7h-8h-9h