MikronWood® Energy-Efficient Composite

MikronWood® Energy-Efficient Composite offers the aesthetic appeal of real wood with the outstanding thermal performance of a composite, providing window and door manufacturers a unique, solid-core material to stand above the competition.

MikronWood is a solid-core blend of thermoplastic alloy resins that includes both polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and acrylic-based polymers. This unique combination can’t absorb moisture, so rot, mold and insects are not an issue. MikronWood is a very stable material that’s ideal in cold, high-heat and high-humidity climates—providing improved thermal performance over other frame materials, including aluminum, fiberglass and wood. These properties make it an ideal material to be used in window and door systems for new construction and replacement applications throughout North America.

Unlike wood, MikronWood will never rot, swell, split or require surface refinishing. Compared to aluminum, MikronWood composite won`t corrode or pit, while providing better thermal insulation properties. The National Fenestration Rating Council and independent labs confirm that MikronWood has a K-value that is 63 percent lower than pine, 83 percent lower than fiberglass and 69 percent lower than PVC.

MikronWood® Energy-Efficient Composite solutions feature:
  • High-performance components and maintenance-free design
  • Superior screw retention
  • Weldable corners requiring no caulking
  • Integral, durable SuperCapSR™ colors
  • K-value 63% lower than pine, 83% lower than fiberglass, 69% lower than PVC
  • Standard MikronBlend® Colors:
    • White, Adobe, Almond
  • Optional SuperCapSR™ Colors:
    • Architectural Bronze, Black, Silver
  • Real Wood Interior Veneers:
    • Pine, Maple, Cherry
MikronWood® Energy-Efficient Composite solutions deliver these benefits and more:
  • Ideal for all environments, in both new construction and replacement applications
  • Outstanding thermal performance
  • Rot-proof and impervious to moisture, humidity and insects
  • 100% recyclable
  • Great dimensional stability
MikronWood delivers the highest performance:
MaterialThermal Conductivity (K-value)
Superior Screw Retention
MaterialScrew Retention(lbs./in., face)
Wood Composite113
Cellular PVC478
*Assumes typical thickness for hollow profiles and screw depth for solid profiles.
Impact Strength
MaterialImpact Strength
Wood Composite111
Cellular PVC96
*Wood was tested, but material split apart upon impact.
Water Absorption
MaterialAbsorption (% Mass)
PVC Composites2.4%
Wood Composite3.5%