MikronWood® 1750 Window System

For the look and feel of wood framing with the advantages of a high-performance composite, the MikronWood® 1750 Window System is an ideal solution for replacement and remodeling applications. With optional real wood veneer, this advanced system can be laminated to the window interior, showcasing the warmth and beauty of natural wood.

The solid-core material—a unique blend of thermoplastic alloy resins—delivers increased thermal performance and eliminates moisture absorption, preventing damage caused by rot, mold and insects.

MikronWood is ideal for both cold and high-heat environments, and offers superior thermal performance over competitive frame materials, including hollow PVC, aluminum, fiberglass and wood. Additionally, manufacturers can enjoy MikronWood’s highly stable, solid composition that saws and mills just like wood—with no need for costly diamond-tipped blades, pre-drilling, corner keys, caulking or related cleanup.
The MikronWood 1750 System is made specifically for replacement and remodeling applications, featuring a 3-1/4" frame depth to accommodate 7/8" insulating glass (IG) units. For replacement projects of all kinds, including historic renovations, look no further for uncompromising aesthetics and performance.

MikronWood 1750 Window Systems feature:
  • 3-1/4" frame depth, optimal for replacement applications
  • Reduced thermal conductivity with Duralite® and Super Spacer® warm-edge spacer systems
  • SnapFit™ mulling system provides clean lines, easy profile application and versatility to complement regional styles
  • Styles available:
    • Tilt Double-Hung, Horizontal Slider, Picture Window, Casement, Awning
  • Finishes available:
    • MikronBlend® Solid Vinyl Colors: White, Adobe, Almond
    • SuperCapSR™ Exterior Colors: Architectural Bronze, Black, Silver
    • Real Wood Interior Veneers: Pine, Maple, Cherry
MikronWood 1750 Window Systems enable high performance and other benefits:
  • Sold core for better thermal performance
  • Resistant to water absorption and swelling
  • Superior thermal performance and structural strength
  • Ideal in cold, high-heat, high-humidity or coastal climates
MikronWood® 1750 Window System

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