Mikron R2-9200™ Window System

The Mikron R2-9200™ Window System delivers versatility and high performance in a variety of window applications, well-suited for both new construction and renovation projects. Offering maximum thermal efficiency and a 7/8", exterior-glazed glazing pocket, the Mikron R2-9200 is ideal for applications throughout North America where cold temperatures are frequent.

Quanex’s proprietary MikronBlend® vinyl compound comes standard in Mikron R2-9200 profiles, ensuring optimal weathering and durability in even the most intense UV, temperature and coastal environments. MikronBlend vinyl is proven to meet or exceed tough Miami/Dade County requirements and codes for coastal hurricane windborne debris impact.

Mikron R2-9200 Window Systems feature:
  • 3-1/4" frame depth, ideal for new construction and replacement projects
  • Available with block frame or with nail fin at 1"setback, with or without J-channel for versatility
  • ‘Elite’ sash option with recessed pull rail for double hung and double horizontal slider configurations
  • T-Mullion for single continuous head and sill in many configurations
  • Rigorous testing to verify passing performance grades, including smoke release if exposed to fire
  • Emits no VOC emissions; test summary available upon request
  • Reduced thermal conductivity with Duralite® and Super Spacer® warm-edge spacer systems
  • SnapFit™ mulling system provides clean lines, easy profile application and versatility to complement regional styles
  • Styles available:
    • Tilt Single Hung (Sloped/Pocket Sill), Tilt Double Hung (Sloped/Pocket Sill), Horizontal Slider, Double Horizontal Slider, Casement, Awning, Picture Window
  • Finishes available:
    • MikronBlend® Solid Vinyl Colors: White, Adobe, Almond
Mikron R2-9200 Window Systems enable high performance and other benefits:
  • A quick-to-market solution for a variety of residential applications
  • Superior UV and temperature performance, meeting Miami/Dade County requirements for debris impact
  • Optimal reinforcement with hollow interlock sash pockets
  • Maximum structural support of glazing units via frame internal web placement
  • Brickmould-style integrated J-channel for stylish elegance
  • Commonality of frames reduces SKUs and streamlines inventory management
  • Superior thermal performance and structural strength
Mikron R2-9200™ Window System

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Mikron R2-9200™ Window System

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