Mikron R1-6450™ Window System

For an optimal solution for residential new construction projects where versatility is required, look no further than the Mikron R1-6450™ Window System. Available in a variety of configurations, the Mikron R1-6450 is a lightweight system that helps to optimize manufacturing, transportation and installation.

Mikron R1-6450 delivers high performance through its standard MikronBlend® vinyl compound, ensuring resistance to weathering, UV, temperature and coastal environments. MikronBlend vinyl extrusions won’t corrode, pit, warp, rot, peel or crack, while offering 40 percent better insulating properties than aluminum frame windows.

Mikron R1-6450 Window Systems feature:
  • 2-7/8" frame depth, ideal for new construction applications
  • Maximum glazing capacity of ¾"; exterior glaze
  • Available with block frame or with nail fin at 1" and 1-3/8" setbacks for versatility
  • Styles Available:
    • Single Hung, Horizontal Slider, Picture Window
  • Finishes available:
    • MikronBlend® Solid Vinyl Colors: White, Adobe, Almond
Mikron R1-6450 Window Systems enable high performance and other benefits:
  • A lightweight solution for easy manufacture, transportation and installation
  • Maximum structural support of glazing units via frame internal web placement
  • Beveled frame exterior for pleasing aesthetics
  • Integrated pull-and-lift rail for easy open and close operation
Mikron R1-6450™ Window System

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Mikron R1-6450™ Window System

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