MikronWood® 1700 Sliding Patio Door System

Delivering the weather-resistant, no-maintenance advantages of a composite material with the aesthetic benefits of wood, the MikronWood® 1700 Sliding Patio Door System can meet a range of needs in cold, high-humidity and high-heat environments alike.

MikronWood’s solid-core composition is a blend of thermoplastic alloy resins that include both polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and acrylic-based polymers—forming a tough composite that is resistant to moisture, rot, mold and insects. As a stable material, MikronWood is well-suited to a wide range of temperatures.

The MikronWood 1700 Sliding Patio Door System features a dedicated sill with integral bull nose and 4-9/16" frame to accommodate 1" insulating glass (IG) units. The system is available with a number of options to complement a variety of tastes and preferences, including an extension to achieve a 6-9/16" frame in two-, three- and four-panel configurations.

MikronWood 1700 Sliding Patio Door Systems feature:
  • LC-PG30 rating in 96" x 96" configuration
  • Multi-chamber engineered profiles with long-lasting .100'' thick walls
  • Equal glass sizes and sight lines
  • Common frame at head and jambs with SnapFit™ brickmold option
  • Fixed lite glazed into panel door
  • Dual-glazing system with Duralite® or Super Spacer® warm-edge spacer systems for superior UV and thermal protection against heat loss and solar heat gain
  • Available styles include:
    • Sliding Patio Door; Two-, Three- and Four-Panel Configurations
  • Available finishes include:
    • MikronBlend® Solid Vinyl Colors: White, Adobe, Almond
    • SuperCapSR™ Exterior Colors: Architectural Bronze, Black, Silver
    • Real Wood Interior Veneers: Pine, Maple, Cherry
MikronWood 1700 Sliding Patio Door Systems enable high performance and other benefits:
  • Warm, traditional wood aesthetic
  • Clean lines, easy application and versatility to complement regional styles
  • Resistance to pitting, rotting, mold and insects
  • Well-suited for range of environments and temperatures
MikronWood® 1700 Sliding Patio Door System

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