Mikron AW-Rated Door System C3-11300™

With an optimal balance of strength, energy performance and aesthetic benefits for mid- to high-rise buildings, the Mikron AW-Rated Door System C3-11300™ is a high-performance system with patented dual co-extruded SuperCapSR™ color technology to meet and exceed the needs of builders everywhere.

Ideal for both new construction and replacement applications in locations throughout North America, SuperCapSR technology creates a molecularly fused color layer that becomes an integral part of the profile and helps absorb less heat, preventing heat-related profile distortion. SuperCapSR is field weather-tested for Florida, Arizona and Kentucky, and meets AAMA 614 color-hold standards.

Mikron AW-Rated Door System C3-11300™ features:
  • Single- and multi-panel in-swing door with ADA sill
  • Single- and multi-panel out-swing door
  • Fixed transom, fixed side lites
  • Concealed face mull grooves
  • SuperCapSR™ – split cap
  • Standard hardware from all major suppliers: Roto, Siegenia, HTL & others
  • 1-5/8" glazing pocket
  • Interior or exterior glazed
  • Triple weather-seal gaskets
  • Center seal
  • Large reinforcing cavities
  • 3.25'' (83 mm) base frame width
  • Vinyl frames resist condensation, reducing risk of water damage to building interior’s frame, and sash hollow compartments allow for optimal reinforcement required in heavy commercial applications
  • Fusion-welded corners provide environmental comfort and protect against leaks
  • Multiple locking points and triple weather seals provide superior air tightness
  • Miami-Dade Country certified
  • ASTM E1886 and ASTM E1996 certified
Mikron AW-Rated Door System C3-11300 enables high performance and other benefits:
  • 3-1/4'' (83 mm) base frame width ideal for new construction and replacement
  • Accommodates up to 1-5/8'' (42 mm) insulating glass unit to maximize thermal efficiency and acoustic performance
  • Interior and exterior glazing option for versatility
  • Accommodates multiple reinforcing material options for higher structural performance and thermal efficiencies
  • .100'' (2.5mm) main wall thickness; optimized for structural strength
  • In triple-pane configurations, the system is designed to achieve well below NFRC .20 U-factor with CR over 75
  • 20.1 sq. ft. daylight opening without sacrificing maximum thermal performance
  • Addresses the need for an optimal mix of strength, energy performance and aesthetics for mid- to high-rise buildings
  • Integral interior and exterior perimeter accessory groove
  • T-bar for mulling and stacking
  • Continuous compression weather seal on frame and sash
  • True ADA sill option
  • Patented dual co-extruded SuperCapSR color technology on interior and exterior surfaces
  • Center seal to protect hardware
  • Accepts standard multi-lock hardware
Mikron AW-Rated Door System C3-11300™

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