5C “Can-Am” Thresholds

NAFS-ready threshold with ImperiSeal™ Technology meets strict Canadian requirements. The Imperial-CA Sill is one of the most robust threshold offerings designed specifically for high-end entry doors.  This is the perfect solution for fabricators and door hangers in Canada where the climates are harsh and the codes are the most stringent.

Versatility and durability for high-performance entry door applications
  • Uses patented ImperiSeal™ technology that positively seals the adjusting rail to the deck of the sill, eliminating any chance of water intrusion
  • Available in single, CSL, patio, french, inswing, outswing and combination sill configurations
  • Available in 4-9/16” & 6-9/16” widths to achieve widths as great as 11", fabricators only need to inventory one common extender series
  • Thicker aluminum sill with a height of 1-5/8” and widths beyond industry norms
Pleasing and Durable Aesthetics
  • Uses solid-extruded cellular PVC rail and nose
  • Stands up to long-term exposure to temperature changes, wind and snow loads
  • Resists weathering and retains its color and natural-looking wood appearance long term
  • No staining or painting required
Meets or exceeds industry requirements
  • Pretested and meets DP ratings per NAFAS-08
  • Save up to 2/3 of the cost of starting from scratch by using pretested NAFS ready Imperial -CA Sill
  • Meets safety requirements for commercial and residential applications
  • Certified to exceed air and water infiltration requirements in excess of PG40
5C “Can-Am” Thresholds

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