Door Seals

Help your thresholds and astragals reach their maximum performance potential with Quanex’s Imperial weather-sealing solutions for doors that are designed to combat the straw effect during high-wind or stormy conditions.
All of our weather-sealing products are specially engineered to promote simplified installation and to equalize pressure on the door system, keeping air and water out regardless of the weather.

Imperial Leading Edge™ Corner Pads are effective against the straw effect, creating equilibrium in the door system. And, where competitive products can compromise the effectiveness of the weatherstrip, Leading Edge Corner Pads are guaranteed not to cause crimping and allow for proper orientation of the weatherstrip.
Maintain maximum surface-area contact to the threshold rail with Imperial 22 Sweeps, which consistently outperform competitive products because of their reversible, two-bubble design that encapsulates the outside and inside edges of the rail. Two fins then fit in between the rail, creating an ideal amount of space to easily add a three-point locking mechanism without having to cut or compromise weather-sealing products.
Typically the top end of the sweep is the most difficult area to seal – but with the EZ Pad, sweep installation and watertight sealing have never been easier. Simply peel the backing tape to reveal a heavy-duty adhesive system that can be placed using a mallet.
Door Seals

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