5H Hybrid-Technology Thresholds

Get maximum performance for the price with Quanex’s Imperial 5H Hybrid-Technology. The 5H combines the patented ImperiSeal™ technology that eliminates any chance of water intrusion through the threshold with a durable, injection-molded base. Thresholds designed to provide excellent protection against air and water infiltration and resist weathering.

Intelligent, easy-to-install design
  • Adjusts upward using flush screws, while the rail interlocks with a high-dam aluminum
  • Uses counter-beveled, one-piece screws so that the system can be easily adjusted for the life of the product using a common No. 2 or 3 Phillips-head screwdriver
Durable, Injection-molded base
  • Provides resiliency and durability
  • Resists weathering, providing exceptional long-term protection against the elements
  • Resists corrosion with plastic screw bosses that ensure long-term adjustment of the rail
Meets a variety of standards and design requirements
  • Available in full width (5-5/8” to 7-5/8”), corridor width (4-9/16”) and in 2/8 to 3/0 lengths
  • Uses patented ImperiSeal™ technology that positively seals the adjusting rail to the deck of the sill and eliminates any chance of water intrusion
  • Uses a tucked design of the rail and sill that creates a unitary exposure surface, providing superior performance and eliminating the need for sill pans
5H Hybrid-Technology Thresholds

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