Edgetherm® 3600 hot-melt butyl sealant

Edgetherm® 3600 hot-melt butyl sealant for insulating glass (IG) units is an active, single-part hot-melt butyl sealant that offers superior performance, productivity and durability over comparable technologies for IG. It’s formulated with i-Boost™, an exclusive new technology from adhesive company Bostik, making it easy to produce more robust and durable units at the highest application speeds, with no curing time and the shortest skinning time on the market.

  • Hot-melt butyl, 100 percent solids insulating glass sealant system
  • Highest application speeds.
  • Improved mechanical performance.
  • Increased thermal resistance.
  • Boosted performance: 30 percent gain in tensile properties, and 40 percent higher softening point over comparable sealants.
  • Boosted productivity: 30 percent faster application on high-speed lines, and 25 percent faster structuring than comparable sealants.
  • Boosted durability: 30 percent improved moisture penetration resistance, and four times improved gas retention over competitive technologies.