February 28, 2017

Eliminate Errant Water with First-of-its-Kind Top-Drain Sill from Quanex

HOUSTON, Feb. 28, 2017, (NYSE: NX) – Combining simplicity with effective design, Quanex Building Products introduces its Top-Drain Sill, a unique new entryway door component that eliminates errant water with two layers of protection.

As door manufacturers face increasingly stringent codes and requirements, the Top-Drain Sill delivers peace of mind. First, a primary seal stops more than 99 percent of water, before a secondary channeling system drains any water that may have passed. Where most door sills incorporate a high dam at the system’s exterior, the Top-Drain Sill’s internally incorporated seal creates two elements of protection. It’s why some doors leak—and why this one won’t.

With the Top-Drain Sill, Quanex offers door manufacturers an effective means of heightening performance without fundamentally altering door design. No adjustments necessary, as the Top-Drain Sill is easily incorporated into the rail assembly.

“We’re excited to introduce this new product into the marketplace, and we’re confident that it will better enable door manufacturers to satisfy their customers with a product that enhances a home’s overall comfort,” said Jeffery Smith, vice president of business development for Quanex Building Products. “Door manufacturers can differentiate themselves with the confidence the Top-Drain Sill can deliver.”

The Top-Drain Sill is patent pending and is made possible by the engineers at Quanex’s Homeshield Engineered Components division.

For more information about the Top-Drain Sill, visit www.Quanex.com/TopDrainSill.



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