July 07, 2016

Edgetech Europe now offers large format production with sedak

Faster, higher, bigger. Sedak has been setting the industry benchmark worldwide since 2015 for the fully automated production of double or triple insulating glass in large formats up to 15 meters in length through its new insulating glass line. No other manufacturer is currently able to automatically produce glass units in this size. An integral part of the system is the application with the Super Spacer® warm edge spacer that is accurate down to the last millimetre.
Shifting the boundaries of what is technically feasible
Several days of manual work versus less than an hour of fully automated production - the productivity boost provided by the new production plant in the Bavarian town of Gersthofen is most impressive. As is the case with many of its architectural projects, the specialists for oversized insulating and safety glass have also gone to the limits of what is physically and technologically possible with the new production plant. A glass element can weigh up to 7 tonnes. The machine handles peak loads of up to 450 kilograms per linear meter.
Flexible spacers for precise positioning
These enormous weights then also pose the greatest difficulty during the transporting of the units along the line, especially following the application of the spacers. Several alternative technologies were discussed before the people at sedak opted for the new Super Spacer® spacers for the insulating glass range. In addition to the increasing importance of the warm edge technology, the high quality and the time and cost saving in application were mainly decisive in reaching this decision. The Super Spacer® also scores highly in terms of the durability of the insulating glass units. Due to the elasticity of the material the probability that the edge seal will be affected by thermal stress drops to almost zero. In addition the tension of the glass units on the edge sealant is minimized.
Super Spacer® enhances product quality and aesthetics
Transparent aesthetics are the hallmark of the Gersthofen-based glass refiners. This also includes the all-round stepped glass units for transparent facades that can be realized by steps of up to 700 millimetres at the bottom edge.
The discreet appearance of the Super Spacer® represents another advantage for developers and architects. The setting by means of an applicator head that is accurate down to the last millimeter guarantees the parallel application of the spacers and flawless edge composition even at print edges. Thus the new insulating glass line does not just set the standard in terms of its production efficiency, but above all in terms of its reproducible quality and aesthetics.
Technical Data of the sedak insulating glass line
Total length production line: 145 m
Weight / meter: 450 kg
Step processing: Steps on all 4 sides
Steps on the bottom edge: 60 to 700 mm
Maximum adjustable spacer setback: 30 mm
Gas types: Argon, krypton, mixed gas
Minimum glass size: 300 mm x 680 mm
Maximum glass size: 3,210 mm x 15,000 mm
Minimum glass thickness: 3 mm
Maximum single glass thickness (laminate): 52 mm
minimum thickness unit: 20 mm
max. thickness unit: 102 mm
The triple seal system Super Spacer® T-SpacerTM Premium Plus meets the most stringent commercial requirements including Structural Sealant Glazing (SSG).
  • T-shaped silicone foam
  • Two-sided acrylic adhesive allows immediate handling of the units
  • Integrated multilayer vapour barrier
  • Polyisobutylene seal provides improved gas and water vapor tightness
  • Outer silicone seal for proven structural glazing application, polyurethane or polysulfide sealants for all other applications
  • Height 7.3 mm
These flexible T-shaped spacers made of silicone foam are provided with a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive on the sides, which enables highly efficient automated processing and application of the sealants (polyisobutylene and secondary sealant). Structural Sealant Glazing requires UV-stable silicone sealing. Available in 6.3 mm height as Super Spacer® T-SpacerTM Premium for framed applications.
  • Height: 7.3 mm
  • Thermal conductivity: l= 0.15 W/mK with primary seal (tested in accordance with EN 12667, IFT WA 17/1)
  • Colors: Black and grey (other colors upon request)
  • Passive House phA certificate for Arctic climate
  • North America ASTM E2188/E2189/E2190
  • Europe EN 1279
  • Canada CGSB 12.8
  • CEKAL certified for France
  • P1 industry standard USA
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Fast dew point drop
  • Durable edge seal, continuous vapor barrier at corners
  • Breathable, flexible foam matrix
  • High desiccant content absorbs more moisture than two-sided and generally also more than four-sided filled conventional systems.
  • No chemical fogging*
  • Attractive aesthetic appearance
  • High-quality silicone for superior resistance to  UV light and oxidation
  • Very good gas-loss rate values according to EN 1279-3
  • Optimum values for energy efficiency (ψ-values up to 0.031**)
  • Enhanced comfort and well-being near windows
  • Excellent condensation resistance, shape and color stability
  • Excellent durability for sustainable performance
  • Higher productivity through ease of processing (only three process steps)
* safe up to approx. 80°C, higher depending on the test method
** Super Spacer® T-SpacerTM Premium Plus from structural foam processed in triple-pane insulating glass; source: Bundesverband Flachglas e.v. (German flat glass association).
  • Fast, straightforward application with more accurate corner design
  • No bubbling on the surface
  • No additional filling with desiccant
  • No corner pieces required
  • Simplified production of shaped panes
  • No butyl extrusion in a separate work step
  • Immediate handling of the IG units
  • No need to wait for the curing process
  • Increase in productivity with a reduced workforce

(Photo: sedak_IG_Line_2535_k2.jpg)
Endless supply of the Edgetech Super Spacer®
(Photo: sedak_IG_Line_2524_k2.jpg)
Robotised application of the spacer guarantees precise positioning
(Photo: sedak_IG_Line_2537_k2.jpg)
With high tech to perfect aesthetics: The fully automated production process also includes the positioning of the spacer accurate to a millimeter and the sealing (see photo), all of that quickly and precisely.
(Photo: EDG_T-Spacer_Premium_Plus_Black.jpg)
These flexible spacers made from silicone foam fulfill the most demanding commercial requirements, including Structural Sealant Glazing (SSG).
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