ImperiClad™ Integrated Door Jamb & Threshold

door-jamb-(1).jpgQuanex’s ImperiClad™ Composite Door System features an integrated door jamb and threshold system designed to keep weather out and protect against moisture damage. Made from Quanex’s MikronWood™ engineered composite material, ImperiClad systems are energy efficient, outperforming competitive materials.

Durability is also vastly improved with the tough co-extruded exterior SuperCapSR™, which features 120% more surface hardness and 300 times more impact resistance than wood. MikronWood™ composite door jambs will never absorb moisture, humidity or condensation – so components can’t rot or deteriorate.

ImperiClad door system jambs and thresholds are made using recycled materials, and are recyclable at the end of the product life. Because of the MikronWood technology, there is never a need for chemical wood preservatives, and the product provides superior energy efficiency and durability.


  • Low  maintenance exterior that never needs painting
  • Durable exterior that will not peel, fade or warp
  • Impervious to salt air
  • Impervious to insect infestation 
  • White
  • Almond
  • Adobe
  • Frames are also available in Bronze SRC solar reflective coating