Mikron R2-9200™ Window System


The Mikron R2-9200™ System is available in a variety of configurations for both new construction and replacement projects, including tilt single hung andtilt double hung with sloped and pocket sill options, single and double horizontal slider, casement, awning and picture window. Designed to achieve maximum thermal efficiency, this system features a 7/8 inch glazing pocket, exterior glazed. Its versatility makes it ideal for applications throughout North America and beyond.

Quanex’s proprietary MikronBlend® vinyl compound comes standard in Mikron R2-9200 profiles to ensure optimal weathering and durability, even in the most intense UV, temperature, and coastal environments. MikronBlend vinyl is proven to meet or exceed tough Miami/Dade County coastal hurricane windborne debris impact requirements and codes. Rigorous testing verifies passing performance grades, including smoke release standards if exposed to fire. Furthermore, MikronBlend vinyl extrusions emit no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) emissions. Our VOC Emission Factors test report summary is available upon request. 


  • 3-1/4 inch frame depth ideal for new construction and replacement projects
  • Available with block frame or with nail fin at 1 inch setback, with or without J-channel for versatility
  • Maximum glazing capacity of 7/8 inch; exterior glazed
  • Distinctive ‘Elite’ sash option featuring recessed pull rail for double hung and double horizontal slider configurations
  • Contoured exterior frame design for pleasing aesthetics
  • Brickmould style integrated J-channel adds stylish elegance
  • T-Mullion for single continuous head and sill in numerous configurations
  • Hollow interlock sash pockets allow for optimal reinforcement
  • Frame internal webs are placed for maximum structural support of glazing unit
  • Face accessory groove for ease of mulling and accessory installation
  • Commonality of frames reduces SKUs and streamlines inventory management

  • Tilt Single Hung (Sloped/Pocket Sill)
  • Tilt Double Hung (Sloped/Pocket Sill)
  • Horizontal Slider
  • Double Horizontal Slider
  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Picture Window