Mikron R1-6450™ Window System


The Mikron R1-6450™ window system is ideal for residential new construction projects and is available in a variety of configurations including single hung, horizontal slider and picture window. The weight of the window is optimized for ease of manufacture, transportation and installation.

Quanex’s superior MikronBlend® vinyl compound comes standard for Mikron R1-6450 windows to ensure optimal weathering and durability, even in the most intense UV, temperature and coastal environments. MikronBlend vinyl extrusions are impervious to weather conditions – won`t corrode, pit, warp, rot, peel or crack, while offering 40 percent  better insulating properties than aluminum frame windows. 


  •  2-7/8 inch frame depth is ideal for new construction applications
  • Maximum glazing capacity of 3/4 inch; exterior glazed
  • Available with block frame or with integral nail fin at 1 and 1-3/8 inch setbacks for versatility 
  • Frame internal webs are placed for maximum structural support of fixed glazing
  • Beveled frame exterior for pleasing aesthetics
  • Integrated pull and lift rail provide easy open and close operation
  • Weight of window is optimized for ease of manufacture, transportation, and installation 

  • Single Hung
  • Horizontal Slider
  • Picture Window