MikronWood® 1700 Window System

Ideal for new construction applications


MikronWood® Energy-Efficient Composite™ is a revolutionary material that offers the weather-resistant, no-maintenance advantages of a composite. Optional real wood veneer can be laminated to the window interior to showcase natural wood’s warmth and beauty.

The solid-core material is a blend of thermoplastic alloy resins that includes both polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and acrylic-based polymers. This unique resin combination can’t absorb moisture, so rot, mold and insects are not an issue. MikronWood® is a very stable material that’s ideal in cold, high-heat and high-humidity climates – providing significantly improved thermal performance over other frame materials, including aluminum, fiberglass and wood.

The MikronWood® 1700 Series is made specifically for the new construction market, featuring a 4-9/16 inch frame depth to accommodate 7/8 inch insulating glass (IG) units. With an emphasis on aesthetics, long-term thermal performance and low maintenance, the system boasts high end-user satisfaction.

Manufacturers and installers enjoy MikronWood®’s solid construction that saws and mills very similarly to wood with no need for costly diamond-tipped blades, pre-drilling, corner keys, caulking or cleanup.


  • 4-9/16 inch frame depth is optimal for new construction applications
  • Solid core offers better thermal performance
  • Superior impact strength and dent resistance
  • Resists water absorption and swelling
  • Reduced thermal conductivity, including Duralite® and Super Spacer® warm edge spacer system, results in better condensation resistance
  • SnapFit™ mulling system provides clean lines, easy accessory profile application and versatility to complement regional styles
  • Single Slider
  • Tilt Double-Hung
  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Picture Window
  • Sliding Glass Door
  • In-Swing and Out-Swing Patio Door