Interior Wood Veneer Finishes


Real Wood Veneers

Quanex provides the option to use genuine Real Wood Veneers on interior surface application on high-end window and door systems. Quanex veneers provide a consistent look and are applied to the profile in a manner that assures long-lasting beauty and durability, while preserving diminishing supplies of natural wood resources. The veneers can be finishes just like solid wood.

Unlike wood, veneers will be free of knots and will not split or warp. Quanex Real Wood Veneers are available in three highly popular and distinctive species that accommodate a wide range of interior home decors: Pine, Maple and Cherry.

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  • High-resolution design and print quality provide real wood appearance
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean
  • In-line application saves time and cost 
  • Product differentiation helps capture market share
  • Value added up-sell opportunity