A 100% solids high performance sealant based on polyisobutylene polymer containing internally dispensed spacers composed of glass beads of controlled size.


  • Opti-Bead has excellent adhesion to glass and metal.
  • Opti-Bead features extreme low moisture vapor and argon gas transmission rates.
  • Opti-Bead resists over compression of PIB sealant enhancing unit performance.
  • Non-fogging (100% solids).
  • Necessary flexibility through a wide temperature range to compensate for thermal movement of the insulating glass unit.
  • Opti-Bead resists degration from ultraviolet light and oxidation.
  • Available in Black (JS-786).
  • Opti-Bead is available in bulk (cylindrical slug form) for application by various type extruders.
    • Slug: 7.5"D x 9.5"H (191 mm x 241 mm)

Used as the primary seal on insulating glass units while providing the main vapor seal between the glass and metal spacer. Internally dispersed spacers act as built-in compression stops facilitating optimum sealant thickness. Opti-Bead may be used with most structural secondary sealants where design calls for chemically curing sealants as the adhesive and secondary seal.