Super Spacer® nXt™



Super Spacer® nXt™ uses the same desiccant and acrylic adhesive as other Super Spacer warm edge spacer products, but incorporates a proprietary core. Deemed a hybrid technology, nXt is another way Quanex is helping its customers differentiate themselves in the competitive marketplace.



  • Low conductivity
  • Hybrid foam matrix
  • Outer hot-melt butyl sealant for moisture resistance, durability and gas retention
  • Inner acrylic side adhesive
  • Edge-seal durability
  • Pleasing aesthetic appearance

  • Reduced perimeter condensation
  • Typical overall U-factor improvement of 0.2 W/mK (0.04 BTU/hr-ft2-°F)
  • Good UV resistance
  • Good high/low temperature performance
  • Good dew-point drop
  • Enhanced sound dampening
  • Excellent long-term durability and gas retention
  • No cold flow or spacer/seal migration
  • North America ASTM E2188/ E2189/ E2190
  • European EN 1279
  • Canadian CGSB 12.8
  • French Standard CSTB for CEKAL