Microseal® DS


A proven 100% solids extrusion of a quality thermoplastic compound. Microseal® DS can be dual sealed with a wide variety of secondary sealants.


  • Combines excellent desiccating power and moisture resistance.
  • Flexible for a wide variety of applications.
  • Improved production speed, efficiency, simplicity, and cost effectiveness for IG unit manufacturers.
  • Very low moisture vapor transmission rate.
  • Thermally broken edge seal system: 4 times more efficient than aluminum spacer bars.
  • Reduced edge stress: flexible seal with excellent adhesion.
  • Very low argon permeability. Easy to create excellent seal after gas filling.
  • Accommodates thermal movement.
  • Available in black.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes.
    • Inches: from 3/16" - 13/16" in increments of 1/16"
    • Millimeters: from 4.8 mm - 20.6 mm in increments of 2 mm
    • Custom sizes available upon request.

The inherent flexibility and versatility of Microseal DS offers insulating glass manufactures a wide variety of applications including bent glass for both architectural use and product display cases.

Performance Norm
Moisture Vapor 
Transmission Rate

0.09 g H20 per square meter per
24 hrs. for a .060” (1.5 mm) film
at 100° F (38° C).
ASTM F 1249
Volatile Fogging
ASTM E 1887
Argon Permeance
6-8 c.c/100 in.² per 24 hrs. per
atmosphere as measured on a
.040” (1.02 mm) film at 77° F
(25° C).
ASTM D 1434
Resistance of Compression
of Self-Contained Aluminum

8 mils thickness, > 1,900 pounds
per linear foot, when compressed
at rate of 2 inches (50 mm) per
Note: The foregoing information is published as general information only.
The listed properties and performance characteristics are approximate
value and are not part of the product specification.