Dual Seal Spacers

For optimal long-term durability, Quanex offers dual-spacer technologies that are proven to outlast the rest in simulated P1 testing – and in the field.  Super Spacer® is a true dual-seal warm edge spacer line that uses a high-performance acrylic adhesive for its structural seal, backed by a moisture vapor seal.

For premium energy efficiency and sustainability of insulating glass, consider these Quanex dual-seal warm edge spacer products:

Super Spacer® Premium

Same properties as Super Spacer Premium Plus, but a narrower sightline.

Super Spacer® nXt™

Hybrid technology with a proprietary core.

Super Spacer® Standard

Flexible organic foam warm edge spacer.

Super Spacer® Cushion Edge™

Ideal for decorative and triple-pane insulating glass.

Microseal® DS

Designed for bent glass and product display cases.