Certified Barrier Screens

Starting on January 1, 2015, new safety mandates will require that all gas fireplaces, inserts and stoves include a Certified Barrier. Quanex can help you create Certified Barriers for your new fireplace designs or retrofit safety screens for your existing models .

Quanex has manufactured safety screens for the hearth industry since the mid-1990s, offering expert engineering support and high-quality, American-made solutions that will help you mitigate your risk and liability and comply with the impending Certified Barrier mandates.

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With a strong commitment to the hearth industry, we have a dedicated team of professionals including product and process engineers who are trained, educated and ready to partner with you to meet your design goals. 
As a Gas Fireplace manufacturer, your products provide warmth and unique style in the home, and we can help you retain the high-quality designs your customers expect. Ranging from basic designs to more decorative, we will work with you to develop certified barrier screen solutions that not only meet the new safety mandates, but also are aesthetically pleasing. 
Screens of all types have been the core of our business for decades. This experience and an ongoing dedication to continuous improvement initiatives have led to extreme manufacturing efficiencies, build-to-design capabilities in virtually endless configurations, intensive quality-control measures and industry-leading on-time delivery.