Mikron R2-10000™ Window System


Designed to achieve maximum thermal efficiency in colder climate environments, the Mikron R2-10000™ System features a 1 inch glazing pocket in single hung, tilt single hung and horizontal slider configurations, and a 1-3/8 inch glazing pocket on casement, awning and picture window configurations.

Quanex’s proprietary MikronBlend® vinyl compound comes standard in Mikron R2-10000 systems to ensure optimal weathering and durability, even in colder environments, such as Northern U.S. and Canada. MikronBlend vinyl extrusions provide superior thermal insulating properties and impact stability – protection from cracking and shattering –through large temperature swings. After all, it's blended to withstand the toughest conditions and standards, including our own warranty – the best in the industry.


  • 3-1/4 inch frame depth ideal for new construction and replacement projects
  • Available with block frame or with integral nail fin at 1 inch setback for versatility
  • Interior glazed with maximum glazing capacity of 1 inch on single hung, tilt single hung and horizontal slider; and 1-3/8 inch for casement, awning, and picture windows
  • Can achieve up to PG-40  AAMA structural rating for single hung, horizontal slider, picture window and awning
  • PG-75 rating for casement window (B7/C5 CSA)
  • Hollow sash pockets allow for optimal reinforcement at interlocking
  • Weight of window is optimized for structural strength
  • Co-extruded flex weather-seal for picture window, casement and awning configurations eliminates the need for tape or wet sealant glazing
  • Accessories for interior application consist of jamb extensions (4-9/16” and 6-9/16” depth) and trims
  • Exterior application accessories include brickmolds, flush fins, and J-channels
  • Tilt Single Hung
  • Single Hung
  • Horizontal Slider
  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Picture Window