Super Spacer® Premium Plus

For residential and light commercial Insulating Glass units

Extruded as a high-quality silicone warm edge spacer system with integrally incorporated desiccant, Super Spacer® Premium Plus is the product that revolutionized the insulating glass industry more than 20 years ago.
Super Spacer Premium Plus features a flexible matrix, which is exceptionally breathable, allowing the high desiccant content to work even faster to absorb moisture. Working together with a proprietary vapor barrier and a secondary sealant, moisture is kept out, Argon Gas is kept in and conductivity is virtually non-existent.
Benefits include:

  • Improved productivity
  • Superior argon gas retention
  • Optimized energy savings
  • Enhanced environmental comfort and health near windows
  • Excellent condensation resistance, mold resistance and color stability
  • Excellent durability for sustainable performance
  • Added value and differentiation
Contributes to meeting these industry standards and others:
  • North America ASTM E2188/ E2189/ E2190
  • European EN 1279
  • Canadian CGSB 12.8
  • French Standard CSTB for CEKAL