Materials & Finishes for Windows

At Quanex, we can help you reduce field failures and costly replacements by delivering high-quality, high-performance vinyl products every time. With more than 35 years of experience, our materials and finishing technologies are field proven and weather-tested to ensure long-lasting beauty and performance for the ultimate in end-user satisfaction.

MikronBlend® Vinyl

Field-proven to stand the test of time, surpassing strict industry measures for color fastness and UV degradation

High Heat Glazing Bead Solution

Up the performance of your glazing beads & accessories in solar-intense, high heat environments

MikronWood® Composite

A solid-core material is a blend of thermoplastic alloy resins that includes both polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and acrylic-based polymers.

AirCell™ Technology

Patent-pending process that drastically improves thermal performance over hollow and manually foam-filled vinyl


Exterior color technology that absorbs less heat to prevent heat-related profile distortion

Interior Wood Finishes

Real-wood veneers add warmth and beauty