Latest Online Quanex Optimizer™ Has More Than 625,000 Window and Door Configurations

February 07, 2013

As the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalizes ENERGY STAR® Version 6.0 requirements for Windows, Doors and Skylights Specification, the Quanex Optimizer™ can help you test potential configurations before making costly investments to meet these new standards. Recently, we’ve unveiled the new Quanex Optimizer Version 3.0, providing more than 625,000 configurations to help you analyze your existing window and door systems and test new, more energy-efficient systems.

The Quanex Optimizer provides you with an instant U-factor estimate of various window and door simulations, combining framing materials with all common North American IG spacers, as well as glass packages, low-e coatings and gas fills.

Quanex Optimizer Version 3.0 can be loaded with your existing window data to allow you to estimate U-factor results with thousands of glass and glazing combinations all without investing in outside modeling. Your data will be stored on Quanex’s database and only seen by you, your personnel and Quanex representatives. For more information about using this secure database, contact your Quanex representative.

You can access the Quanex Optimizer Version 3.0 online at We’ll be releasing the new Optimizer App for the iPad® soon.


Eric Jackson
Director of External Affairs

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