Proprietary RollTrusion™ process


No single material exists to provide the strength and dimensional stability of metal, combined with the design flexibility offered by plastics. That is why Quanex Building Products invented RollTrusion™, a proprietary process that unites rollformed metal and extrusion-grade thermoplastic into a single piece, providing our customers with the best properties of the two materials.
This process allows you to increase assembly efficiency and decrease costs while delivering enhanced performance in your finished product, including:

  • Mull trims and door seals for window and door manufacturers
  • Drawer slides for tool chest manufacturers
  • Ceiling grids for clean room use

We also have a team of highly skilled engineers to assist you with custom applications that require specialty shapes, sizes, colors, materials and finishes. Contact us today and learn how we can help you meet your business objectives with our RollTrusion™ capabilities.