Pre-assembled components


At Quanex Building Products, we are focused on helping you streamline your production processes whenever possible. One of the ways we do that is by providing a number of pre-assembled components and accessories custom-made to your exacting specifications so they can easily flow into your production line.

Assembled parts from Quanex include:

  • High-quality window and patio door screens
  • Custom and removable tape-applied window and door grilles
  • Bay and bow window kits
  • Certified barrier screens for fireplaces
  • Door thresholds and pre-drilled extension jambs
  • Drawer slides and ceiling grids
  • French door astragals and multi-point locking systems
  • Clad roof assemblies 

We also offer expert engineering support services to help you design a pre-assembled product to meet your product, production and logistical requirements. Contact us today to learn more.