John G. Diefenbaker International Airport

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

“Part of the concept was that this would be a high-performance building," said lead architect Derek Kindrachuk. "We have done other energy-efficient buildings and have found Super Spacer® and thermally broken aluminum frames to be very valuable contributors towards the thermal performance of the building envelope.”
"Basically, when we're looking at a high-performance glazing system, all the pieces have to match," said project architect Reg Squires. "With Kawneer, they have their Iso-Web technology, which provides increased thermal resistance, but of course, you short-circuit it all if you put in a metal or lower performing spacer around the edge of the insulating glass."
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Technical Details:

Client John G. Diefenbaker International Airport
Project Refurbished 2001-2002
Building Size: 139,000 sq.ft.
Architect Derek Kindrachuk
Kindrachuk Agrey Architecture -
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
IG AFGD Saskatoon
IG Spec 6mm Clear heat strengthened with Argon Gas
1/2" Super Spacer®, 6mm Comfort TiR low-e (3)