Samsung Raemian Apartment Buildings

Seoul, South Korea

Apartment buildings located in Seoul, Korea were built by Samsung Construction Co. in 2006 with 8 buildings in total (2-24 stories, 6-15 stories).

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Technical Details:

The Project Samsung Raemian Apartment Buildings
Total IG: 10,000+ M². IG width: 22mm (5 Green glass + 12A
+ 5 Clear glass). The second sealant is Hot Melt Butyl. Max.
size: 2015 x 2890 mm; min. size: 370 x 970 mm; proportion
per size: 4M² or greater 26%, 1 – 3M² 67%, less 1M² 7%.
Super Spacer IG made by Glasspia Inc.
Designer Hangil Architectural Resident Co. Ltd.