Castle House Hotel

Hereford, UK

This was a Grade 2 Heritage Listed building, but because a previous Victorian era refurbishment had done away with the Georgian bars, it allowed us to consider using insulating glass to replace the 100- year-old single-panes," says architect Keith Wright.
The Castle House Hotel won the UK Automobile Association 2001 National Hotel of the Year award.
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Technical Details:

Client Castle House Hotel
Refurbished 1998
Building Size: 7,000 sq.ft.
Windows: Sash Restorations - Hereford, United Kingdom
Frames: Restored wooden sashes
IG: Holdens SupaSeal, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Outboard lite: 4 mm, low reflective
"historic conservation glass"
6 mm white Super Spacer®
Inboard lite: regular 4 mm clear glass
Keith Wright
Neumayer & Partners - Munich, Germany
Tel: 49.1.704.466.622
Hotel Web Site: