Camelot Hotel

Myrtle Beach, SC

We're very pleased with our continuing use of YKK Metals’ excellent quality extruded aluminum framing systems along with the high thermal and acoustical performance of the insulating glass from Coastal Glass Distributors. "We also appreciate the just-in-time, job-site deliveries that are so important in this business." Coastal Glass is equally proud of their impressive job-site delivery performance, says company president Jack Hoey. "A feat made possible through our use of Super Spacer®."
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Technical Details:

Client Camelot Hotel
Constructed 2001-2002
Building Size: 220,664 sq.ft.
Construction Windows: YKK Metals - Dublin, Georgia
Frames: Extruded Aluminum
IG: Coastal Glass Distributors -
Charleston, South Carolina
1" Clear/Tempered with Super Spacer®
David Monday, Project Manager
Pegram Associates, Architects & Planners -
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Contact Tel: 843.449.5202