Royal Alexandra Hospital

Edmonton, Alberta

Temperatures as low as -47 degrees Fahrenheit. Wind speeds up to 40 miles per hour. Snow loads as heavy as 32 pounds per square foot. Weather takes on a whole new meaning in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, home to Royal Alexandra Hospital.
According to Pat Taylor, facilities manager for the hospital, condensation resistance was important for the hospital when choosing the massive window systems for the project. “We keep the humidity levels high for infection control. The original architect looked at a variety of options for our window systems, including quadruple-pane with metal spacer. Super Spacer® was the only system that gave us the condensation resistance and structural strength we required.”
The original construction was completed in 1992 and an addition was completed in 2009. The atrium has been inspected at least twice per year by Taylor and his team since the original structure was built. “In all of this time, we have never replaced one unit and have never seen signs of condensation. The glass looks as great as it did the first week. That is why Super Spacer was chosen for our new addition,” Taylor said.
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Technical Details:

Client Royal Alexandra Hospital
Project 470,000 sq. ft., eight-level complex
Date 1992; 2009
IG Spec 50,000 sq. ft. of glazing with 43,500 feet of Super Spacer®
Architect Wensley Spotowski Architectural Group (1992); Cohos Evamy (2009)
Spec Writer Keith Robinson, Cohos Evamy,