Holland Home Grand Rapids


Throughout the entire Holland Homes project, fenestration has been a very high priority," says Robert Israels. "When it comes to windows, we always say they are the eyes of a home. So that means, for instance, that even though we are very condensation prone here in central Michigan, I still wanted our windows clear of fog all year, despite the extra humidity load."
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Technical Details:

The Client Holland Home Assisted Living Complex
The Project
Constructed 2001
Building Size (First Wing): 200,000 sq.ft.
Windows: Harbor Windows - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Frames: Extruded Vinyl IG: Overall thickness - 7/8" or
13/16" Inboard lite - Double Strength (1/8") LOF low-e
Outboard lite - Double Strength (1/8") clear or
Activ self-cleaning glass Argon gas plus Super Spacer®
5/8" and/or 9/16"
Robert Israels Israels Design for Living - Grand Rapids,
Manufacturer Tel: 616.456.9810