Vermont Law School

South Royalton, Vermont

The building has a northeastern orientation, yet the performance of the windows enabled us, without reservation, to open up the building in that direction. Normally, we would have been looking to reduce glass in such a situation, but because we had such confidence in the windows that we went right ahead," says architect Rolf Kielman. "In particular, these windows played a very important energy management role—even to the point of allowing us to dispense with perimeter heating in the building and all the piping and installation costs that entails."

The energy performance of the Vermont Law School has turned out to be nothing short of spectacular. Its 56% reduction in electricity and nearly 90% reduction in fuel oil have won it many design awards, including a 2nd place finish in the 2001 ASHRAE Institutional Building Category.
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Technical Details:

Client Vermont Law School
The Project
Constructed 1998
Building Size: 23,500 sq.ft.
Windows: Accurate Dorwin - Winnipeg, Manitoba Frames: Pultruded Fiberglass IG: PPG Winnipeg triple pane Sungate 100 with argon gas and Super Spacer®
Rolf Kielman
Truex Cullins & Partners - Burlington, Vermont
Tel: 802.658.2775