Swarthmore College Kohlberg Hall

Swarthmore, PA

We do a lot of special-shape work, but it’s intermittent, so Super Spacer® gives us the flexibility to turn it around promptly and professionally once orders arrive,” says art glass designer Stephen Mitchell. “Not only that, but being able to bring such fine art glass products to market and do so in a timely manner has actually ignited a lot of sales because people just didn’t consider our products before. Just as importantly, though, is that I can now say with a very free conscience that this is a superior insulating glass product with a superior seal and superior warm-edge construction. So, you’re actually getting a higher quality insulating panel than you might under normal circumstances.” “Our business is probably the most motivated to have the best insulating seals because our product is high value-added, and we don’t want to start having to replace it.”
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Technical Details:

The Client Swarthmore College
The Project
Constructed 1996
Building Size: 50,000 sq.ft.
Art Glass Configuration: 159 tri-pane IG art glass panels 3 mm outer lites with 0.60 mm lamination and Super Spacer® Panels transmit/reflect light differently for a beautiful effect.
Stephen Mitchell
Rudy Art Glass Studio - York, Pennsylvania
Tel: 717.843.3345
Web: www.rudyglass.com