Ecole Notre Dame

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Our goal was to select a high performance fenestration package because we modeled the building's entire energy system around the school's large expanse of windows. Our philosophy is that if the exterior wall is performing well, then your mechanical and electrical requirements go down." "All kinds of good things happen when the building envelope meets a high standard, and obviously, windows are a large part of that. With their ability to replace a school building's interior room lighting, the view over the last few decades has been to increase windows’ overall envelope percentage. That's why we specified higher overall thermal performance." "When it comes to condensation, the situation is simple. Parents, be they mothers or fathers, spend a lot more time in their children's classrooms these days and so condensation on windows and pooling water on the sills are not an acceptable situation anymore. That's why we specified the maximum in warm-edge IG spacers and pultruded fiberglass frames."
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Technical Details:

Client Ecole Notre Dame
The Project Refurbished 2001
Building Size: 28,000 sq.ft.
Windows: Duxton Windows - Winnipeg, Manitoba
Frames: Pultruded fiberglass IG: AFGD Winnipeg Dual-pane, TIR low-e, ½" Super Spacer® plus argon gas
Don Becker
Manasc Isaac Architects - Edmonton, Alberta
Contractor Tel: 780-429-3977
Web Site: