Han Yangling Museum

Xi'an, China

Heated glass from IQ Glass has been installed at the Han Yangling Museum in the Chinese city of  i’an to protect its terracotta figures. Super Spacer®’s warm edge technology is helping to keep the statues in top condition.

“This was one of our first major projects with heated glass,” continues Dirk, “but we’re now working on five other projects with Super Spacer in China, and several in Europe, including Luxembourg, Portugal and the UK.”
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Technical Details:

The Client Han Yangling Museum
The Project
Over 32,000 square feet of glass was manufactured in
Belgium before being sent to China. 
The inner pane of IQ Glass has a thin metal-oxide coating
that helps disperse heat equally, while the outer pane has
a special coating that keeps heat inside while repelling
cold air. The Krypton gas-filled units with Super Spacer
manufactured for the project achieved an amazing level
of thermal insulation - 0.148 BTU/hr ft2 F (0.84 W/m2k).
Dirk Ceyssens - Glas Ceyssens Belgium